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Remembering Nicholas Cleves

Nicholas Cleves was a light of his generation: a brilliant, humble, compassionate young professional.

I hired Nicholas as an intern during his senior year at Skidmore College (2016) and, without hesitation, made him a full time employee as soon as he graduated.

The impression Nicholas made when I first interviewed him stills stands out. He ranged with ease across advanced computer science topics from A.I. to game theory, cryptography and Bitcoin, programming patterns and the latest engineering happening at Tesla.

His innate aptitude and youthful enthusiasm proved without doubt that he wasn’t just pursuing a degree, but was immersed in the technological zeitgeist of our era.

Working with Nicholas was always a treat, thanks to his mirthful personality combined with a willingness to take on any challenge. Nicholas had a deep sense of loyalty, not just to the company but to his family. He was mature well beyond his years.

As Nicholas navigated the diverse responsibilities of his new career, I recall my amazement at how fast he apprehended and applied key ideas. As a burgeoning software engineer, Nicholas absorbed a multitude of programming techniques on-the-job, often for waiting customers, in mere weeks.

Perhaps more importantly, Nicholas was wonderful with people. He was polite, funny, and, above all, considerate in action. He possessed a rare capacity for emotional IQ in an often-stoic professional milieu.

He was composed, accepting, and open to all. It pains me greatly to reflect that we can no longer experience his unique gifts. A growing light has been senselessly extinguished.

Yet these recollections, and the positive influence they continue to bear, remind me that I was truly blessed to call Nicholas Cleves my colleague and friend.

Alex T. Silverstein,
President, Unified Digital Group, LLC
November 1, 2017